Neeko is totally busted. Is it really necessary for every new champion to be broken upon release?

In days long past, new champions were usually released at an acceptable level of power, and would start off with low win rates as people learned their kits and got used to them. However, it's starting to feel like new champions are intentionally being released in a state that overpowers the top meta picks, and then gradually nerfed in subsequent patches to a reasonable level (though still towards the top tier of meta picks). For example, Neeko is sitting at 51% win rate in mid lane and 54% win rate in top lane after only a couple of days. It's pretty clear to everyone at high elo that her kit is busted; the counterplay to her E during laning is very limited unless you have a high mobility champion, and she has tools to counter all-in from assassins and burst champions, while coincidentally bursting them back. Are the designers being incentivized based on the win rates of their champions, or something? I'm really struggling to understand how this keeps happening.

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