Instead of nerfing Yorick, nerf demolish and buff towers.

Yorick is losing 3 Base AD in the PBE and that sucks while champs like Twitch and Ezreal are running amok. But hey! Take him down another split pusher will take his place since towers are made of wet paper atm. EDIT: For now Yorick's nerf is getting shaved but it's still out of Riot's minds, also thanks for so many upvotes in such a short time. EDIT 2: Like I mentioned before, the nerf's are not out of Riot's minds. And Yorick is getting the nef bat in the next patch. just after towers got a semi buff FFS. Demolish really should be weaker in the early game but as strong as it is mid to late game as Yorick's power lies with his Base AD due to {{item:3053}} and {{item:3078}}

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