Serious question, what is vayne's counterplay?

I failed to find any ways to outplay this champion. I just kind of hope she is dumb or bad because otherwise i find that she just clicks R and it removes all counterplay she had prior to clicking R. Only way i found that effectively shuts down vayne is essentially instagibbing her before she can react. So, are you supposed to kill her during the 0.5 second she is visible in between autos? She got stupid amounts of self peel and mobility so, unless you're like... rengar.. or talon... maybe some other champs with undodgeable instantaneous 100-0 nukes i don't see any way you can simply "outplay" her when she counters the majority of the champion roster by clicking R. You are either just perma kited or perma chased unless she was bad enough to get hit by your hard cc with that infinite mobility+invisibility spam she got. not to mention she is supposed to be a late game champion. at level 3, you go from 85% to 40% when her 3rd auto procs her W. She deals huge amounts of damage at every stage of the game. hIgH sKiLl CaP, mEcHaNiCaLlY iNtEnSiVe ChAmPiOn
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