When will the devs admit matchmaking isnt fit for purpose anymore

The game play has been so awful the past two days. I have won, one game out of 8 games because of people just inting over and over and over again. The Riot Games support staff are useless. https://imgur.com/3VrZ3he https://imgur.com/9dXeROQ https://imgur.com/rQY6f10 https://imgur.com/75WVc2v https://imgur.com/jwqiNsy https://imgur.com/sgRWv1h Maybe Riot you make it so the support staff can enter player feedback into a system for the devs to see the feedback and see how the playerbase is feeling about the problems, so that change can happen insted of post on a board that 99% of the time your feedback isnt getting looked at by devs https://imgur.com/J2uAGps because its getting to the point were most of the playerbase will just leave. Its that simple

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