Lee sin' low cds makes him the most error-forgivable champion in league

{{item:1412}} + {{item:3071}} + Talent = 40% cdr with only 2 items. Original Q cd = 7s. Which results in 4.2s Cd. STARTING IN THE FIRST CAST! The whole time between lee lands the first q and does not use the second q COUNT AS COOLDOWN TIME! That is whole 3 seconds. **Real q cd ends up being 1.2s!!!!** Original W cd = 12s. Which results in 7.2 Cd S STARTING IN THE FIRST CAST! . But the shield lasts 4s. Which means the **Real W cd is only 3.2 s!!!** Original E cd = 10s. Which results in 6cd STARTING IN THE FIRST CAST! Another skill that lee can hold on the second cast while the cd is running down. Lee's cds SHOULD START ON THE FIRST CAST! It's ridiculous that an asassin may miss gap closing dash every 1.2s or use a shield dash every 3.2s.
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