cool aatrox animation missing?

Aatrox: The Darkin Blade | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
He cleaves earth and bone with an ancient blade, carving the land into an endless warpath. And you're in his way.
been playing A LOT of aatrox since his rework and in his reveal trailer he does a cool animation at 0:28 where he throws his sword in the air, spins then catches it. If im not mistaken i haven't seen him do this animation at all in the game maybe it happens quickly to where i dont notice mid battle or something. If it does can someone tell me when the animation usually procs so i can look out for it, id love to see it in game and if it was just for the video than...that really sucks.. maybe riot can add it in the game for me {{sticker:sg-janna}} and another thing, is aatrox supposed to have voice lines for his Crtl 1 taunt? because he just waves his sword around awkwardly and doesn't say anything. its weird.
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