An idea about making it easier for Wukong to cast W after Ultimate.

Hello Mr. Meddler, I wanted to know if there's any possibily to make it easier for Wukong to use W after Ultimate. Because you always have to cancel R, and then use W ( of course quickly ). So i find it very heavy and not intruitive for a user to experiment. My idea is that when Wukong uses his Ultimate, if he uses W after it, it automatically cancel the Ultimate. Sometimes Wukong has to cancel Ultimate and to run away from the fight after his Engage. As a Wukong player since 2013 on different accounts, i always found it very heavy to use, but it was so far not a problem. But for the sake of improving things, i had to think of you to share that, maybe it is already done :P Thanks for reading and have a good day. Sincerely Yours.
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