How is 40 ping West coast and 90-130 ping East Coast for one server Balanced

NA East Coast Server
I believe that people should be accountable for their words. I also believe that paying customers should be at the very least, respected. Riot has has recognized East coast latency as unfair, sectioning the competitive University league into regions, and agreeing to fly contestants to the west coas
I don't understand why Riot cannot just give the East Coasters of NA a server. What downside would there be. Sure it sorta cuts into your profits but seriously if there was a East Coast server more East Coast People would, more than likely, play the game and buying RP from you to buy champs and so fourth. You keep on saying, "We are working on it." or "This is something under our radar." There hasn't even been a Riot update since the new forums came out! Why do you leave The EAST COAST in the dark. You could make so much more profits if you put a East Coast Server out. EU has two servers and and they are smaller than just the US. When there are also players in Canada. So Riot, I would love to get an actual response on this topic or a possible ETA of a East Coast Server or NA relocation date. Also I feel this link shows just how bad it is at times for us east coast players.

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