Jungle changes were amazing, as a top/mid laner

I can actually kill junglers 1v1 now if they are not fed (as it should be, since im stuck on a lane for most of the early game while the junglers get to pve and roam the whole map/impact the whole map), its wonderful. Finally all the goons that spammed khazix/graves and 1v5d every game for freelo are all losing their undeserved ranks. Red smite is still OP (and lvl 2 ganks are still obnoxious) but atleast early game ganking junglers can actually fall behind if they dont get fed, finally there is a trade off for ganking non stop and falling the ganks, and at the same time the changes made tank and utility junglers more viable as they dont need as much exp/gold to function. Great changes overall riot, good work on that one.
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