@Meddler Can we please get some context on the Eve nerfs?

I'm trying to understand why you guys are doing this, but I'm pulling up a blank. She's not a dominant force in normals or in competative, her pick rate is super low which is also backed up by a win rate of about 51% (which makes sense because she's primarily played by people who are experienced with her) and honestly, these nerfs are MASSIVE. She's already freakishly mana hungry, adding even more mana cost to her kit is just going to kill her potential in teamfights, because her kit is already starved for mana and because her base stats are already so abysmally terrible that it's hard to justify picking her. Can you please explain to us why you're nerfing eve in such a massive way? And (if possible) give us some reassurance that eventually this game of "Whenever eve gets viable we nerf her" is not going to last forever? I would really appreciate clarification on this, ty for reading.
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