To anyone concerned about akali/fizz/shaco regarding their upcoming preseason changes.

Congratulations. Welcome to the "my champion was so toxic it made Chernobyl looks like a perfectly fine place to life" club. Your time here consists of: 1: having your champ changed/nerfed so far into the ground they end up in china 2: you pretending your champion wasn't utterly broken/toxic prior to the change/nerf 3: you petitioning riot to revert the change/nerf and your prayers falling on deaf ears 4: you continuing to play the champ with varying ranges of success for years, with your champ being a thing for a period of time if you're lucky 5: you champion getting nerfed again 6: your champion HOPEFULLY getting something that actually makes them viable again. Now go say hi to urgot and aatrox. Kallista and shyv went to go get tacos and will be back soon. (LET THE DOWNVOTING BEGIN)
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