Ivern attack speed build? I tried it couple times

With your shield, your ult, challenging smite, I find that you can 1v1 pretty good on Ivern. I went 12-7-16 in a game today rushed devourer > wits > swifties > nashors > sunfire > GA Felt pretty strong actually, some of the kills where clean up kills but I actually did a lot of work myself too. I have a nice clip of me going in 3/4 life and getting caught out solo by Katarina and beat her down with only devourer + negatron (had red buff too), I ate her full channel ulti + combo and chipped her down in a few seconds even though she was doing good. I find team fighting on Ivern to be pretty fucking hard, and many fights if I do survive I really have no idea why, must be the hiding in bushes not sure.

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