I don't care about what people say about Lux

She is one of the most annoying champions in the game, if not THE most annoying, period. I don't understand at all why she gets regular and perpetual buffs every X patches. She already has an overloaded kit who can do literally ANYTHING and only gets powercrept more and more everytime she appears in a patch notes. Yet, I still see people who goes like "she deserves more, look at her winrate in midlane, she definitely needs more power". She.Dosen't.Need.Any.More.Power. She has long range poke She has hard CC She has massive AoE She has over-the-top damage She has incredibly small cooldowns for overtuned abilities She has massive ally and self shield-casting She has a massively ranged AoE slow She has a refreshing damage source who comes up every time she hits an enemy with a damaging ability She has one of the largest base mana pool early-game She has one of the strongest and hardest hitting ultimates in the game, while being able to refresh it even if its cooldown is one of the lowest in the game In lane, she is incredibly oppressive against most mages. In teamfights, she can mass-cc and execute half of the enemy team herself while shielding her allies for 500+ Hp. Her visual effects are so confusing that the actual hitboxes of her abilities are as much misleading as Blitz' hook or Morgana's Q, and it only gets worse if she uses a skin. She is overtuned and needs to be brought down, the only reason why she has such misleading winrates is because she is barely played and that she gets 100% destroyed by any midlane assassin, while dominating every other mages. I don't care about her huge fanbase, she needs to have direct counters outside of superior mobility, no champion ever should be able to do anything better than anyone like she does. /r
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