Shaco,Aurelion But Not Sion?

Its nice to see some rioters are trying to improve the game and putting in work. But did they forget about sion? I dont know about the reddit posts on how many bugs a champion has but from my experience sion literally pre rework morderkaiser 2.0. Bugs and bugs...Sion is the only tank that i can play as a all tanks are busy building AP. And it's fuming level of tilt when i bounce off from a jarvan or taliya's wall and go to the oppsite direction while ulting. I'm tired of my Q not hitting all minions in the AoE and sometimes not working while i'm in the brush....and so on and on. Do rioters look into board posts? Or they just stay at reddit and twitter? Please fix Sion's bugs..these are little bugs..wont take much time hopefully. For the love of God...please.
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