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Hello everyone, and welcome to another one of my Rumble related blog posts! Since a few last times I've already covered a few aspects of Rumble like what Rumble's problems are and why current PBE changes should not be shipped to live (In case you'd like to catch up: [Part 1](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/lIEEYnyK-i-think-its-time-to-take-a-deeper-look-at-rumble), [Part 2](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ylNpJtfE-what-ever-the-rumble-changes-may-be-please-dont-make-them-number-only-changes), [Part 3](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/xF7mKaPE-rumble-buffs-are-fine-but-its-not-what-he-needs-riotwittrock), [Part 4](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/AEwyNE7a-39-pbe-rumble-changes-still-fine-ish-still-completely-missing-the-mark-a-request-to-riot) This time however, since I've hopefully spread awareness to what his problems are, today I'll try to talk about more what would I change, to make Rumble truly feel like the champion that the League deserves. Though as a reminder, and an introduction of sorts, let me set a few things straight: (Also on the side note, I'd like to keep my discussion request from [from this thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/AEwyNE7a-39-pbe-rumble-changes-still-fine-ish-still-completely-missing-the-mark-a-request-to-riot?00a) to have an organized chat with any Rioters currently handling Rumble changes exactly about him, his balancing directions, and all stuff related to it.) **I. Mishandling Rumble** If you've been looking closely enough, you'll see that Rumble changes from the day he was released to present time were almost always purely number based. And given how limited his kit is in what it actually does (while he is versatile in the usage of his abilities, he still pretty much only offers AoE DoT damage and slows) it has shown to be a recipe for disaster as Rumble has fallen into the category of champions defined by "Deals too little damage: Almost never sees play, Deals too much damage: Nearly 100% P/B presence". There's simply no other way to put it, but unlike other champions from this category (most often Juggernauts, Marksmen, Assassins), Rumble has very limited target access, his only cc are slows (again, limited), has low mobility and all of his damage takes a lot of time to go off, making him on top of previously mentioned problem making him overly team reliant, which also brings up the issue of Rumble not being satisfying to play as no matter if you're winning or losing because on the losing end you'll just get destroyed and there's very little you can do about it, while when winning you can't deny the feeling of "damn, if I were playing any other champion that would be so much easier". And to further explain why Rumble buffs that Riot proposed are not the right way to go, let me sum it up like this: It's not that Rumble's damage is too low, it's that he can't deal that damage in a meaningful way to him. In the following parts of this post, I'll present some of my ideas on how do I think that Rumble should be changed, not just to make him viable, but to make him a bit less reliant on his team, items, and to simply make him fun, while staying true to his character. **II. Band-aid fixes** I suppose that given how much I've trashed Riot's proposition of Rumble band-aid changes, most of you have probably started thinking "well, how would you do it?". I'd personally lean more towards improving just Rumble's early game, as it's the only part of the game where he's currently trash (and shouldn't be), which will in turn allow him to get some sort of lead early on easier, therefore already being sort of a band-aid to his mid and late game, while here I'd also initially encourage more of a solo-play for Rumble so that he can have a bit more freedom with his actions without having to sit next to his teammates. Set 1 "Rumble's just hit 45% win rate, what do we do?!": *Base Health: 589 -> 614* *Health per level: 85 -> 90* *Base Armor: 30.88 -> 32* *Attack animation slightly sped up (doesn't affect actual dps)* *Attack range: 125 -> 150* Starting off from here you can see what I'm trying to go for, giving Rumble a bit higher base stats is a great way to encourage him into closing in on his enemy and sticking to them given that he can take a couple more hits, after all, his mech may be made of scrap, but he wouldn't let it go down too easily. *Flamespitter (Q)* *Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 -> 8/7.5/7/6.5/6* *Damage dealt to minions: 75% -> 50%-100% based on Rumble's level (starts scaling very slowly, say 1-2% per level, after level 10~11 scaling speeds up to fill the quota)* Those simple Flamespitter changes further encourage Rumble to do some action early game, while at the same time solves a few problems regarding Rumble's waveclear, which is mostly him being too oppressive in the past with his low cooldown high damage waveclear ability, but at the same time we can also remember him being pretty bad at clearing waves late game back when he had a permament 50% minion damage reduction. To solve both of these issues, I think that level based scaling might help Rumble quite a bit to make it both fair to play against him (in lane he can't just get rid of the entire minion wave to avoid minion aggro, while in the late game he doesn't have to drop his ult to clear a wave). Perhaps the damage itself might also need some readjustments, but I think that those two changes alone are good enough to start with. *Electro-Harpoon (E):* *Base Slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% -> 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%* *Now hitting the same target with a second harpoon increases the slow value by 50% from 100%* This change is more targeted towards making it easier for Rumble to pick his own fights, which is important for an early game-oriented solo laner, the slow stacking reduction might be a bit of a bummer, but what both of these changes together mean is basically to make Rumble a bit smoother to play as, since now to guarantee a "gap-close" on your opponent you really only need one E, you'll lose out on damage if you cast only one, sure, but you also don't lose time on executing cast time of the second E to catch up to your opponent more reliably. And additionally, spreading slows across multiple opponents is now a bit more of an attractive option, giving Rumble some further depth and versatility rather than the current state of "I absolutely have to hit the same person with two Es or else they'll just run away from me and I can't do anything about it". Of course, these changes aren't perfect, some further adjustments might be required for these but I think that for a quick band-aid fix, simply adding some reliablity would work out much better than just "slap more damage and call it a day" approach that Rumble has been getting for a long time now. ***III. The meat, the soul, the reworks*** Now this is the part that you should be most focused on. As I've been mentioning it a lot, Rumble is a champion that I believe has fallen into an unfortunate vicious cycle of balance changes that has now left him in this pitful state that he found himself in as of today. No real identity left for him, only "hopeless ult bot" for the Rumble player and "uninteractive piece of arse that won't ever try to fight me" for his opponent. Here, I'll throw away some ideas that both in mind have introducing counterplay to Rumble in more interesting way than "walk away from him, dive him after you've built Adaptive Helm since you won't be taking damage anyway", while at the same time putting Rumble himself in the place where he wants to be. An actual bruiser, someone who can be at close range with his opponents and melt their faces off, someone who can handle stuff on his own and doesn't need to hide behind anyone, for he can take a few blows himself and bite back, someone who can really call himself "the Mechanized Menace". Set 2 "Get in the robot, Rumble, and better kick some ass!": Base stats: *Base Health: 589 -> 614* *Health per level: 85 -> 90* *Base Armor: 30.88 -> 32* *Attack animation slightly sped up (doesn't affect actual dps)* *Attack range: 125 -> 150* Pretty much the same as higher up, lots of slow bruisers have a bit higher base stats than usual to compensate, and I don't really see the reason why Rumble shouldn't have it like that too. *Junkyard Titan (I):* *Heat functionality reverted to pre 7.12 state:* *Decay starts after 3 seconds from 4* *Decay rate back to 5 for 5 ticks, then 10 per tick every 0.5 seconds from 10 per tick every second.* Regardless of whether the Q changes were beneficial to the game or not, lots of Rumble players, myself included, have hated the heat changes, as while they may have made it easier to control heat for entry-level players, veteran players have found it incredibly clunky to work with, and often times made Rumble even slower in his gameplay than he already was. While at this point I'd also like to introduce one crucial point here: ***Doing balance changes like this won't attract more entry players to Rumble.*** Entry-level players choose a champion based on their developed preferences from movies they watch/books they read/other games they play/their culture/their tastes, nobody randomly thinks to himself "gee, this champion's unique mechanic works slowly and precisely enough for me to have easier time learning him and I'll be able to transition these easy to understand abilities to learning the whole kit!" No, new players pick champions like Yasuo, Zed or Ahri because they look cool, are associated with already established, popular and liked themes, and their fast-paced, smooth gameplay. The only new Rumble players are players who either have been already playing the game for a long time and want to try something new or those who looked for this very specific design and stuck with it. Remember that. *Flamespitter (Q):* *Functionality partially reverted to pre 7.12 state:* *Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 -> 6 seconds* *Damage: 135/180/225/270/315 (+ 110% AP) -> 75/135/195/255/315 (+ 110% AP)* *Damage dealt to minions: 75% -> 50%~100% based on Rumble's level (starts scaling very slowly, say 1-2% per level, after level 10~11 scaling speeds up to fill the quota* *Now Flamespitter executes minions below 25 health* *Range: 600 -> 500* *Duration: 3 seconds -> 2 (damage unchanged)* Boy, this might get a bit controversial but hear me out on this one. While I do think that Rumble's permapush Q was incredibly obnoxious to deal with, I simply think that the patch 7.12 tackled it in the wrong way. Honestly, Rumble's damage to champions was rather fine with this ability, what was not fine, was its waveclear, which was partially the cause of another poor handling of Rumble buffs during Season 6, back then Rumble was in his poorest state, and while it wasn't obvious back then (hell, I pretty much realized that after reading some of the posts other Rumble mains shared lately) increasing the range on his Q and making it deal 100% damage to minions what was the real cause of it, as it allowed Rumble to both have excellent waveclear and poke. To solve both this glaring gameplay issue, and Rumble players' dissatisfaction for having their main damage ability on such limit early game, I believe partial revert is the way to go here, with of course some streamlining of Rumble's playstyle (close range bruiser = shorter range) and not completely screwing him over (while reduced minion damage is important to keep his early game in check, I believe he still deserves to keep some waveclear in the late game without having to use his ultimate). And additionally, with the new minion execute feature borrowed from Aurelion Sol, Flamespitter while not as good at clearing waves, it won't be as awful at last hitting them either! (As this was also a glaring issue with Rumble before his minion damage went up) Other things worth noting: I kept the AP ratio the same, since it doesn't affect Rumble's early game as much it won't make him overbearing there, while in the mid/late-game it'll help him dish out damage easier through all these new fancy items/runes to counter battlemages. And as for the duration, another gripe a lot of people have with Rumble is that he feels straight up slow, with how long it takes Flamespitter to deal its full damage you can't really feel its potential (mostly since a lot of basic abilities/autoattacks deal equal or higher damage more reliably and faster). With reduced range though, I think it also warrants a greater reward when you do get in range of your target with melting them faster! *Scrap Shield (W):* *Movement Speed: 10/15/20/25/30% -> 15/20/25/30/35%* *Movement Speed duration: 1 -> 1.5 seconds* *Now allows Rumble to ignore unit collision when active* Many players will tell you that this ability is absolutely terrible, but on the other hand, it's also worth noting that it's quite irreplaceable (though I might have something to say about that as well), though not for the reasons of "it sure feels great to have that shield with me!" but "hey I can actually spam this ability to stabilize my heat and not accidentally push wave". I feel like if we want to keep this ability as is, all it really needs is some encouragement to use it as an actual sudo-gapclose/defense mechanism that it wants to be, therefore, giving it a little more maneuverability might do the trick. Besides, Rumble's animation when Scrap shield is up has him FLYING! How is he still struggling to pass through minions if he's flying over their heads?! Electro-Harpoon (E): *Damage: 60/85/110/135/160 (+ 40% AP) -> 55/75/95/115/135 (+ 35% AP)* *Base Slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% -> 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%* *Now hitting the same target with a second harpoon increases the slow value by 50% from 100%* *Now hitting enemy champions and monsters with Electro-Harpoon causes them to gain a stack of "Charge" (as in, electric), up to two stacks for 3 seconds. Hitting charged enemies with Rumble's other abilites discharges them, causing them to take 1-1.5% (based on Rumble's level) (+ 1% per 140 AP) maximum health damage per second for 1 second (max 50 damage per second against monsters), continually taking damage from Rumble's abilities refreshes the duration. At two stacks, Rumble gains 50% bonus magic resistance penetration against double-discharged enemy so long as they take discharge damage.* This is something that a lot of Rumble players have been asking for a long time, which is greater reward on hitting double E on the same target than just "you slow them more". Though, I still thought I'd put my clever twist on it and expand on that idea while at the same time highlighting Rumble primarly as battlemage that is meant to beat the everliving hell out of tanks. So now he gets to access targets in his range a bit more easily with higher slow on first E, while also providing a reward on second E in a bit different way, which is murdering a tank (which is more often than not the target of double E anyway). To simply put it, "set them up, knock them down" is a very fitting description of this new E>E>Q interaction, when executed properly, Rumble gets the reward of literally melting people who are incredibly careless and don't respect Rumble's close range capabilities, while those who do, have the opportunity to dodge the Es and strike when Rumble doesn't have access to them/misses. And additionally, this makes Rumble an actual tank killer by design, while Liandry's surely help him with that and has pretty much become his absolute necessary core item, it's no longer that "Rumble is great against tanks because he buys Liandry's all the time", no, it's because "Rumble is great against tanks because he can both melt through them and he can amplify it with Liandry if necessary". Of course base damage nerfs might be somewhat unexpected, but honestly, with this great new effect, partially reverted Q nerfs, better autoattack animation, Rumble might have more than enough tools to reliably last hit with, and it promotes E more towards the direction of "hit it to close the gap and melt them" rather than "hit it to just poke them at range and never come close to them unless they're nearly dead". *Equalizer (R):* *Target Range: 1700 -> 1300* *Damage: 650/925/1200 (+ 150% AP) -> 550/775/1000 (+ 125% AP)* *Tick rate: 0.5 -> 0.25* *Linger duration: 1 -> 0 (this means that now you can only be affected by the Equalizer while standing on its field rather than still be affected for 1 extra second after leaving* *Slowing effect now increased based on how long the target has been standing inside of the field, reaching maximum value of 70% after 3 seconds.* And now, finishing up this change list we have quite hefty nerfs to the Equalizer as a whole, and as you might have guessed, warranted, given how this changelist focused more on allocating Rumble's power over other parts of his kit rather than just his ultimate. Now that Rumble has more capabilities to stay in range of his opponents and has damage to back it up, he can actually participate in the fights alongside his Equalizer rather than it being the only reason why he's even in the fight to begin with. Reduced range is here to once again, promote close combat pattern more and have Rumble stick a bit closer to the frontlines to express that, while damage nerf and linger removal are to compensate for (possibly sick) hp burn provided by E (and also to fix another gameplay issue that Riot's been struggling with when balancing Rumble). But at the same time, I couldn't leave the Equalizer feel like it has no actual usage in the fight, so now you get to punish overeager opponents even harder, by greatly slowing them, at the same time keeping Equalizer as the great wombo-combo follow up for Rumble's team! Moving on, I still feel like Rumble's kit could use some further improvements, so to spark some more discussion/theorycrafting, I decided to throw in some extra ideas, keep in mind however that they're balanced in mind with them being the only changes in the given change list, so you might see stuff like "bonus magic res penetration" double itself, while you could try and combine these changes into something greater/mix them with the changes I've already proposed, I'd still recommend to treat those following changes separately from the previous changelists while reading for the first time: Set 3 "What if that 80-90 heat bar section served a purpose?": Ever since the hilarious fiasco of 7.18 patch, when Rumble's heat bar got a new colour tier (that accidentally also reset Danger Zone buffs), it did still feel kinda lackluster, mostly because we've had to sit for an entire patch of some bugged mess that at times even forced people to relearn Rumble's playstyle/combo pattern, and the pay off was just a colour change that's barely noticeable. However I've seen some people say that they'd actually like that to somehow affect the gameplay of Rumble, in an actual positive way though, and I thought "well, that could add an additional interesting layer of complexity to Rumble, altering his play pattern in some potentially interesting ways", and decided to do build upon it and so here's the additional Heat Bar tier, that I'd like to refer as "Safety Net" for now. *Junkyard Titan (I):* *New keyword: "Safety Net" (when heat bar is at 80-90 heat), Rumble's abilities gain additional effects when cast within Safety Net :* *Flamespitter (Q):* *Safety Net: Flamespitter gains 50% bonus magic resistance penetration* *Scrap Shield (W):* *Safety Net: Movement Speed bonus is now doubled and lasts over the entire Overheat duration, but it decays back to base value over the first 2 seconds* *Electro Harpoon (E):* *Safety Net: Now applies its effects in an AoE (~around 250 units), Safety Net works with Electro Harpoon only if Rumble overheats by using it, Electro Harpoons cast when Overheaten also gain Safety Net buff.* Of course, it's nothing perfect, those buffs would possibly have to undergo some changes to have place in the game but the sole idea would certainly fun to experiment with (though for it to work with E it'd require some extra conditions since you can cast it at 80 heat without overheating, and as you might have guessed that's not the point of Safety Net). Set 4 "Scrap Shield is too boring to take up an ability slot": This might get really controversial mostly on the level "isn't that something that we're trying to avoid with older champions?" Which is basically... I kinda sorta have an idea on how Rumble could embrace mobility creep. Now I know that it'll be met with some really mixed opinions, but on the other hand, I don't really find anything else than a simple dash to replace Rumble's W if such situation arises. Now of course, that doesn't mean that Scrap Shield is going all together, I still think that it can be preserved in Rumble's kit, while at the same time adding some more dynamic to his playstyle, and at the same time make it fit with his thematic of a scrappy, quick-thinking mechanic. *Junkyard Titan (I):* *Scrap Shield (old W) added as a second innate ability and reads:* *Rumble's mech constatly channels a shield around itself, protecting Rumble from damage. When dealing damage to enemy champions and killing enemy units, they drop scrap that Rumble can pick up to reduce Scrap Shield's cooldown by 2 seconds (on champion scrap drop cooldown: 3 seconds), enemies can also pick up Scrap to prevent Rumble from getting it. If Scrap Shield is active, picking up Scrap will instead replenish 20% of its value* *Shield value: 50 - 300 (+ 50% AP) (Based on Rumble's level)* *Shield cooldown: 24 - 12 seconds (Based on Rumble's level* *New Ability: Mecha Thrusters (W):* *Description: Rumble quickly dashes in a line, stopping on the first enemy champion he hits dealing damage to them, upon collision, Rumble will bump back slightly and land 125 units away from the champion hit. Minions hit on the way take 50% damage.* *Danger Zone: Rumble travels 50% faster and deals 50% more damage* *Damage: 50/65/80/95/110 (+ 40% AP) (+ 4/5/6/7/8% of target's maximum health)* *Speed: Rumble's current movement speed + 800* *Range: 450* *Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6* I'm quite positive that Scrap Shield rework will eventually happen, and if it will happen, I'm hoping to see it more or less like this. It preserves the part of Rumble's old kit, while expanding on his thematics and freeing up an ability slot for something a bit more interesting. Of course, the ability I've proposed doesn't have to be the one that people would want, but I can't deny the fact that the more I think about it the more it makes sense to me. Currently Rumble's W can propel Tristy in the air, what if it allocated that pushing force horizontally rather than vertically? It's not impossible. Currently the main grip with Scrap Shield is that it's very boring to use and might as well be a passive ability, why not make it one? A dash mechanic gives a bit more of an interesting gameplay mechanic as a whole, while introducing a new dynamic to Rumble where he no longer has a "100% fail-safe spam happy" ability that can keep his heat at a desirable level, promoting Rumble go agressive and use Q as often as possible to keep the heat up while also making him take some risks of walking up to people, when you put the pieces together it kinda connects together, doesn't it? ***IV. Conclusion*** So, what do you think about these Rumble changes that I've proposed? Would these work better than what Balance Team had to offer? Maybe worse? Do you maybe have some ideas you'd like to share youself? Feel free to discuss in the comments. Again, I'd still like to keep my request for any Rioters that are currently handling Rumble changes, from what I could recall it's Wittrock, might as well ask Repertoir and Meddler for good measure, to have an actual in-depth conversation about Rumble and his place in game as a whole. Be it plans for now, plans for the future, balancing philosophies surrounding him, have it in form of private discord chat, reddit AMA, DMs, comment section under this topic, whatever works for you folks, we Rumble mains are dying to have that kind of transparent conversations, since we usually don't get much, and time like this is, I feel, the most opportune one.
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