League has gone in a horrible direction recently.

We all remember how busted early season 6 was, with riot pulling a preseason like rework in the middle of the season. Turns out season 7 is worse so far, with a horrible meta, stupid snowballing, unkillable tanks, and adcs that heal half their HP in every shit or 3 shot the entire team. Remember season 5? People complained about balance, but nobody asked for these keystone masteries that ruined the balance of the game, or 25 minute snowball fests with a 20/0 Zac or hecarim. League has taken a terrible turn in the last 2 years. Instead of refining the most popular game in the world, they tried to completely revamp it and turn it into what feels like an unbalanced Alpha. Riot, this is the most popular game in the world. Stop trying to shake up everything, and just fix what is already in the game. You can feel the Ghostcrawler effect sneaking up on us.
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