I hate Sona+Taric bot lane

I don't want to see Sona adc, I don't want my ADC's to pick it, I don't want enemy adc's picking it and I don't want to see it in pro play, at all Seeing Teddy on Sona, ON SONA OF ALL THINGS at MSI... To think he would have to even PUT EFFORT IN to learn Sona ADC is beyond a joke To top it off Riot has increased frostfang completion to 500 again All you have to do is make it so that if you receive minion income (through yourself or ally relic shield/frostfang) you cannot proc frostfang or get the frostfang passive gold for 12sec per enemy even after completion And then the strat is gone, but it's still here even after the targeted nerfs to this strat because Sona can get a 1k hp shield and 1k damage Q every 2sec late game going full AP build+Eye of the watchers... it's just so dumb that this is a thing
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