Can we have animated character portrait on loading screen?

Imagine Dragons: Warriors | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends
The battle begins, and sixteen teams across the globe are fighting towards one goal - to win the League of Legends World Championship. To kick off the start of the action, we set out to craft a war cry to rally behind. Whether you're a solo queue warrior or fighting off the LCS jitters - every moment counts.
First of all, sorry for bad English as I am not a native English speaker. Just watched Warriors animation made for Worlds 2014, and realised the animated loading screen is implemented. I guess Riot was thinking to do it tho, but it never came up. It would be pretty cool tho, and wouldn't be that hard to make it happen as well. Most champions have their own client login screen, and all they need to do is to crop and put it up. Will that be possible, Riot?
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