I am a plat player and a lover of ARAM. I have over 3500 ARAMgames played. I understand certain champions being overpowered in that game mode. They definitely needed to add some adjustments to the champions to make the game more fair. (Although only so much can be fair in an ALL RANDOM mode). Having added champion specific nerfs and buffs, as well as nerfs to distance poke, there should be no need to add bans! Especially not 10 bans. From what my friends have experienced in PBE and myself today in the normal client, mages are the main ban. I didn't fall in love with ARAM to be limited in my champs of play. I liked chance of getting someone I didn't know how to play or someone I excelled at. Bans in ARAM seems to hurt the core idea of the game. ALL RANDOM ALL MID What do you think about this? Anyway that RIOT would possibly revert this? Or atleast lesson the bans in number?
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