Yasuo's 0/9 Power spike.

I think that this is so strange, like everytime you dumpster a Yasuo in lane he comes back 10-15 minutes later and can 1v5. It's so annoying, like how do i beat someone if i have no idea what their capable of? Yasuo feels like you either crush him or he crushes you, and in both scenario's he'll get 2 items and get a penta. Yes i understand he takes skill, but once you get fed(which to him means your 0/9) no champion takes skill, it takes skill to not lose lane with him, it doesn't take skill afterwards, that's what i'v noticed when playing against him and as him. I'v lost lane every single time i played yasuo, but once i got 2 items, it was like playing Jax, easy. I don't like this champion, i understand that people hate the amount of complaining that comes with him, but i think it's warranted he's so annoying and hard to play against.
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