Exhaustive list of what makes Ranged carries not mandatory in Dota2

most famous one: turn rate but you might ignore: -longer tower range, making poking a melee under tower harder -Doran shield(in dota) blocking damage on AA, blocks more damage on melee heroes than ranged heroes -better creep aggro: creeps will target you immediatly when you click on an enemy hero, their aggro range is also higher. this makes abusing melees harder -better creep in general: they are faster than any heroes at lvl 1 and have 30 ad -better creep blocking, if a ranged hero stands inside a creepwave to try to abuse a melee they will be blocked. In league creep blocking is completly random and unforseenable. -Nothing that massively increases the AD of a ranged champion at level 1 to increase their poke, no AD runes or doran blade, they all start with an item increasing damage to minions, and potions -**INSANE MANA COST** on every heroes all of this makes a melee hero able to lane against a ranged hero it has nothing to do with the ability of taking towers marksmen, ranged carries in any moba aren't requiered to take objectives the reason league cannot afford melee carries is laning phase. pick a melee carry in league, try to lane **BOTLANE** against a half brained support+adc and tell me if you manage to get 10 creeps i'm waiting by the way, you also can't lane with a mage against them, because adcs generally have insignifcant mana cost unlike mages, so they will naturally win lane against you until you buy mana/mana regen and bully you as they sustain your poke with a support and you will end up out of mana, mana potions got removed for some reasons, and their AA cost no mana. f u n point of this thread? : it's incredibly easy to not make marksmen not mandatory in league but riot does not want to do it, because....? favoritism
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