Rune suggestion in place of Press The Attack

I understand that its a bit late to change a keystone at this point but I really feel like Press the attack is a bit of a mess, This mainly comes from it being yet another 3 hit result passive, despite there being two other 3 hit keystones already. So I came up with a concept keystone marked towards single target champions that don't want to pick up lethal tempo. ****Press The Attack: Your initial 4 single target attacks on enemy champions implode creating a small explosion around their point of impact dealing (Bonus AD and AP scaling) Physical/Magical (Adaptive) damage in an A.O.E. with the 4th explosion being twice the size. (roughly 215 unit wide A.O.E.) (Has a cooldown) (does not damage minions)**** Like the current press the attack it can be used by Marksmen and other champions. And some champions that take lethal tempo could choose between this and that depending on their playstyle or team comp, such as champions like Twitch or Ezreal, And single target ability based champions like Ryze or Cassiopeia could potentially take it aswell, Even Odd champions like Udyr or Urgot can benefit from it to give them a little bit more team fight potential. Over all this is a weird suggestion from someone who doesn't like the current press the attack. And really all i want to know is that is their a chance it could be changed at a later date before pre-season?

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