Champion Relative Height and Weight

SHOUTOUT TO BLACKULTRA ON REDDIT FOR MAKING THIS GODLIKE METRIC SCALE CHART WITH ALL THE CHAMPS So we all watched the New Dawn video and were like, "holy shit is Nautilus 30 feet tall?!", and it got me asking around to figure out the relative size of certain champions that aren't explained in the lore and/or through art. Some of them have been in videos, which makes things easier to a degree, but some of it is contradictory with art assets so it's kind of a guessing game. Stuff like New Dawn can also have Ahri and Leona look the same height but Leona is, I'm almost certain, supposed to be 6'1, so that just doesn't mesh. This post is just my thoughts on their size cause I think, for me, it helps to engross me in a story if i can visualize the character. Learning Nautilus is the size of a Bagger 288 changes the way people perceive his character, imo, by a great deal. I'm actively working on this so I figured i'd post it at the half-way mark. If you have any suggestions for changes please put them in the comments. I am always open to explanations. If I'm wildly off base with something, also let me know. I'm a man so my lady numbers were almost entirely drawn by looking at women in real life with similar body types and by asking irl ladies. Thanks for feedback! So, without much ado: **Aatrox**{{champion:266}} 6'9, 360lbs Helmet makes him much taller, more importantly is that his body seems to generate the armor that he wears, so he could have a variable weight. Compared to another person of the same height, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who weights almost 400 lbs, Aatrox is much leaner but his body is covered in a sort of living armor, which would give him more weight, but the girth difference is still massive. --- **Ahri**{{champion:103}} 5'4(5'9 at tip of ears) 145 lbs 9 tails adds some extra weight to her body, that you wouldn't normally see in a Korean woman of the same height. Based the height as being slightly taller than a teenage Korean female. --- **Akali**{{champion:84}} 5'5 135lbs Akali has a bit more...meat on her bones than some of the smaller female champions. I also assume that the amount of muscle power necessary to push yourself into a dash would buff her legs up quite a bit. --- **Alistar**{{champion:12}} 10'5(12'0 at tip of horns) 1100 lbs Significantly more massive than a human. Bulls can weigh in at anywhere from 1700-2000 lbs so putting Alistar in the 1100 range actually seems like underestimating. But, since he stands on two beefy(heh) legs and is agile enough to do what he does, I'd imagine he's not quite as heavy as a normal bull. He would have to be enormous though, in promo art he's clearly the size of 3 other champions from shoulder to shoulder. --- **Amumu**{{champion:32}} 3'7 20lbs Amumu would be slightly heavier than a human child of the same size given Yordle's massive skulls and more developed bodies, regardless of height. People pointed out that during mummification he would have lost most of his insides so I lowered his weight a bit. --- **Anivia**{{champion:34}} 3.7 ft long, 10.5 ft wingspan. 50lbs Those are similar measurements to the cinereous vulture, which is the largest living bird of prey in the world. Though the weight is higher given that Anivia is made of ice and probably propels herself through the air with magicks. --- **Annie**{{champion:1}} 3'9 50lbs Pretty standardish young girl height and weight. --- **Ashe**{{champion:22}} 5'9 145lbs I used Liv Tyler as a basis for Ashe's body type as a fit archer, since i think they share similarities more than say, Jennifer Lawrence. --- **Blitzcrank**{{champion:53}} 9' 950lbs If you use the boxing blitz art as a basis, ring ropes are usually around 4'4 in height, most of blitz' body is above that so I doubled it and tacked on a couple more inches to compensate for his head. Depending on the alloy and the actual internal workings of blitz, his weight could actually be way higher. --- **Brand**{{champion:63}} 5'10 160lbs based on average viking height and weight, since brand was originally a marauder --- **Braum**{{champion:201}} 7'5 610lbs The height was actually released by a rioter at some point(I think during the Q&A) the weight I based on Andre the Giant and then modified it for Braum's body and fitness level. --- **Caitlyn**{{champion:51}} 5'11 170 lbs Caitlyn's a sheriff, which means she's going to be fit enough to throw a person to the ground. She's always seemed much taller than some of the other females in LoL. --- **Cassiopeia**{{champion:69}} 13 Feet Long from tail to head, 380lbs. Looked at the female height and weight charts, compared it to anacondas and then fudged the numbers a bit until they looked reasonable. Her tail is considerably larger and longer in art than it is in-game. --- **Cho'Gath**{{champion:31}} 20ft at zero stacks with a weight of 6-7 tons, 55ft at 6 stacks with a weight of 12-13 tons. Looked at dinosaurs to compare. Cho has to be large enough to eat another champion, so i tried to keep that in mind with even the zero stack Cho --- **Corki**{{champion:42}} 3'5 35lbs The Yordles are definitely the hardest to guesstimate --- **Darius**{{champion:122}} 6'2 265 lbs Darius is one of the larger human males and is evident in all promotions that most every champ has to look up at him. --- **Diana**{{champion:131}} 5'10 170 I used my "Targon BMI System" to guess this. She doesn't have the waif form and it's gotta take some muscle to grip that Kopesh. --- **Dr. Mundo**{{champion:36}} 8'8 1100lbs Dr Mundo is enormous, showing to be at least twice as tall as other champions in promo art and more than likely several times heavier. I used the incredible hulk as a general basis for his weight. Hulk's weight has changed drastically though the years. --- **Draven**{{champion:119}} 6'1(6'3 with hair up) 220 Clearly similar to his brother but leaner and a bit shorter. --- **Elise**{{champion:60}} 6'1 200lbs(Humanoid) 4ft tall, 8 feet long, 570 lbs(Spider Form) Thanks for sorting our the spider weight, Lyrith! --- **Evelynn**{{champion:28}} 5'5 140lbs Evelyn's got them hips --- **Ezreal** {{champion:81}} 5'6 155 lbs young fit man --- **Fiddlesticks**{{champion:9}} 6'6 120 lbs Pure guesswork --- **Fiora**{{champion:114}} 5'8 170 lbs Based half on Julie D'aubigny's estimated Height and weight against the physical need to be the best fencer in Valoran, so --much so that even the Demacian guard gets out of your way. --- **Fizz**{{champion:105}} 3'0 35lbs I looked up Stitch's height and weight from Lilo and Stitch and applied that to Fizz --- **Galio**{{champion:3}} 7 feet tall, 16 foot wingspan, 900 lbs Guesswork combined with looking at the Gargoyles from disney gargoyles and irl grotesques --- **Gangplank**{{champion:41}} 5'8 170lbs Pirate man. (5'8 4000lbs. Bankplank) --- **Garen**{{champion:86}} 6'1 240lbs Large male structure. --- **Gnar** 2 ft 26lbs(normal gnar) 28 ft 3 tons (mega gnar) Mega Gnar is a tough gamble but if he's based off of Rampage(which I think Dino Gnar -semi-is) and the helicopter in his back animation is just scaled for the map, the that size makes sense. --- **Gragas**{{champion:79}} 7'2 735 lbs Gragas' lore states he is an enormous man from the hills where everyone is enormous, soooo enormous. --- **Graves**{{champion:104}} 5'6 170lbs Graves is a bit older so even at this height it's likely he'd be a little heavier than, say, ezreal. --- **Hecarim**{{champion:120}} 13 ft tall, 10 feet long, 2.5 tons With hecarim being a spirit centaur thing he could literally weigh nothing but given his enormous stature, just by looking at the size of large horses, Hecarim would be massive and weigh a ton adn then some. --- **Heimerdinger**{{champion:74}} 4'5(afro power) 60 lbs Yordlessssss --- **Irelia**{{champion:39}} 5'10 165 lbs Taller lady, beefier warrior type. --- **Janna**{{champion:40}} 5'11 127 lbs This is the listed height and weight for Storm from the X-Men who has a lot of similarities with Janna in terms of body type so I went with that, though 127 lbs seems really light for a 5'11 woman --- **Jarvan IV**{{champion:59}} 6'6 245 lbs, J4 is supposed to be a towering presence akin to a pro wrestler. --- **Jax**{{champion:24}} 6'2 260 lbs Jax is more body than height and his shoulder width and arm size leads me to believe that whatever race he might be, I do not want to be hit by him. --- **Jayce**{{champion:126}} 6'0 185 lbs Science Dad powers activate. I always see Reed Richards in armor when I look at Jayce. --- **Jinx**{{champion:222}} 5'3 98 lbs Tiny bb --- **Karma**{{champion:43}} 5'8 145 lbs I looked at women like Vivica A Fox and Gabrielle Union to gauge this. --- **Karthus** {{champion:30}} 5'4 80lbs bones bones bones --- **Kassadin**{{champion:38}} 5'9 210lbs look at the chest on kassadin, dude is ripped. I don't think he's that tall, he's just floaty like Karthus. --- **Katarina**{{champion:55}} 5'5 110 lbs --- **Kayle**{{champion:10}} 5'5 14 foot wingspan, 210 lbs WINGS mean her weight could really be anything. Going with hollow bird bone wings, they wouldn't add Galio levels of weight but they'd still add some. --- **Kennen**{{champion:85}} 3'2 35lbs Yordles have dumb small bodies with dumb numbers and uninteresting silhouettes there i said it. --- **Kha'Zix**{{champion:121}} 8ft at full stretched height, usually crouched to 6'4. 250 lbs because bugs and exoskeletons and whatnot --- **Kog'Maw**{{champion:96}} 5 ft long, 2 1/2 feet tall, 80lbs --- **LeBlanc**{{champion:7}} 5'5 120lbs(maybe, could all be an illusion) --- **Lee Sin**{{champion:64}} 5'6 155 same dimensions as Bruce Lee but with a little more bulk --- **Leona**{{champion:89}} 6'1 196lbs Leona is tall and muscular and matronly. She's gonna be a beast and if you've never known a woman in the 6'1 range, you --can ask them about their weight at your own risk. I feel like all the women of the mountain are probably above average in both. --- **Lissandra**{{champion:127}} 6'4 200-240lbs The weight is impossible to guess with this one because at what point does the person end and just ice begin? --- **Lucian**{{champion:236}} 6'0 165 lbs Used sprinter Michael Johnson as a model for Lucian's general build --- **Lulu**{{champion:117}} 3'1 35lbs yurdles --- **Lux**{{champion:99}} 5'1 110lbs I used dimensions Grumpymonkey told me for Lux against advice from some female LoL fans to get a general size. --- **Malphite**{{champion:54}} 36ft tall, 28 feet broad at the shoulders 86 tons That's a lot of rocks. --- **Malzahar**{{champion:90}} 5'6 145 lbs Floaties make it hard to distinguish his actual height or even good ideas about his body dimensions --- **Maokai**{{champion:57}} 22 feet tall, 5.5 tons --- **Master Yi**{{champion:11}} 5'7 140 lbs slim master yi --- **Miss Fortune**{{champion:21}} 5'4 140 lbs swiggitty swooty --- **Mordekaiser**{{champion:82}} 7ft5in tall weighing in at 500 lbs of pure metal powaaaaaah --- **Morgana**{{champion:25}} 5'7 12 foot wingspan 230 lbs wings and things. Morg has a bit more butt than Kayle. --- **Nami**{{champion:267}} 6'2 in Length, stands at 5'6 260lbs Dat fishbutt. --- **Nasus**{{champion:75}} 6'8 320lbs BIG DOG GOTTA EAT. --- **Nautilus**{{champion:111}} 36 ft tall 30 tons YEAH(thanks New Dawn). The Coral Congregation is in service. --- **Nidalee**{{champion:76}} 5'6 115 lbs in human form, 7 feet long, 3 feet tall in cougar form. --- **Nocturne**{{champion:56}} I don't know if Nocturne weighs anything at all, I don't even know if he has a "height" since he's a floaty torso. --- **Nunu/Willump**{{champion:20}} 4'5 65 lbs, 8'5ft, 750 lbs respectively. Willump against other "Sasquatches" mostly matches up with the Darkstalkers version. --- **Olaf**{{champion:2}} 5'11 230lbs Larger than average Viking stats --- **Orianna**{{champion:61}} 5'8 230lbs She's a robot beep boop beep --- **Pantheon**{{champion:80}} 5'9 185lbs A well oiled Greek fighting machine --- **Poppy**{{champion:78}} 4'5 55lbs Muscle Yordle! --- **Quinn**{{champion:133}} *WAITING TO HEAR FROM IRONSTYLUS* --- **Rammus**{{champion:33}} 3'0 115 lbs OK --- **Renekton**{{champion:58}} 6'5 350 lbs He has a height complex with Nasus and is in reality, the fatter of the two. --- **Rengar**{{champion:107}} 6'8(dat mane) 380 lbs. Wengar's a wittle baby kitty --- **Riven**{{champion:92}} 5'8 165lbs Since she's a soldier and muscular enough to swing the windblade(through martial training or otherwise) I have her a beefier frame to compensate. --- **Rumble**{{champion:68}} 3'8 40lbs, In Vehicle: 6'8 920lbs I need someone to give me solid estimates on his robot. --- **Ryze**{{champion:13}} 5'8 168 lbs Ideal Old dude weight and height --- **Sejuani**{{champion:113}} 6'0 185lbs, on Bristle, 8'4. Bristle weights like 600lbs --- **Shaco**{{champion:35}} 5'5 145lbs --- **Shen**{{champion:98}} 5'8 160lbs Shen is like the beefiest ninja ever. Why would a ninja be a tank. --- **Shyvana**{{champion:102}} 5'6 140lbs/18 feet long, 26 feet across, 1500 lbs I went back and looked at the dragons in the background of her splashes and realized they're a lot lot lot larger than I previously believed. --- **Singed**{{champion:27}} 6'3 180lbs Lanky science jerk --- **Sion**{{champion:14}} 6'2 275 lbs The Governator --- **Sivir**{{champion:15}} 5'8 165 lbs Musclier greek lady --- **Skarner**{{champion:72}} 16 ft from claw to tail 8 feet across, 6'0 weighing in at a ton and some change. Skarner is the size of an F-350 truck in some art, not --- accounting for his tail --- **Sona** {{champion:37}} 5'6 140lbs Kinda basing that off Marilyn Monroe --- **Soraka**{{champion:16}} 6'2 185 lbs The goat legs give her a lot of stature --- **Swain**{{champion:50}} 5'11 210 lbs/8'5 700lbs 15 ft across wings Human form/Bird Form. Got linked to some JoJ art that showed Swain's bird form size relative to J4 so I adjusted the bird values accordingly. --- **Syndra**{{champion:134}} 5'6 145lbs more voluptuous than most --- **Talon**{{champion:91}} 5'8 155lbs Tiny male assassin body --- **Taric**{{champion:44}} 6'2 245lbs of pure outrageous masculinity --- **Teemo**{{champion:17}} 3'6 42 lbs DELETE TEEMO --- **Thresh**{{champion:412}} 6'0 195 lbs Ghost weight is a tough guess --- **Tristana**{{champion:18}} 3'4 38lbs --- **Trundle**{{champion:48}} I asked GrumpyMonkey but in Trundles new splash he's large enough to hold a human warrior down on the ground with just one hand. --- **Tryndamere**{{champion:23}} 5'11 190lbs --- **Twisted Fate**{{champion:4}} 6'1 187lbs He's tall but slender and agile so it's a toss up --- **Twitch**{{champion:29}} 4'7 88lbs --- **Udyr**{{champion:77}} 5'10 215lbs Udyr's all muscle an animal forms and body hair That's 5 feet 10 inches, not 1 inch. Someone said I listed him as 5'1. --- **Urgot**{{champion:6}} 6'5 430 lbs Mechanical legs weigh a lot --- **Varus**{{champion:110}} 5'7 155lbs ANIME BOOOOY WITH HIS SHIRT OFFFFFF --- **Vayne**{{champion:67}} 5'4 115lbs Tumbling is great exercise --- **Veigar**{{champion:45}} 3'8 52 lbs Tiny danceeeerrrrr --- **Vel'Koz**{{champion:161}} 17 feet from leftmost tentacle to rightmost. Vel'koz does not generate weight, though he does occupy space because void science. --- **Vi**{{champion:254}} 5'9 155lbs(Without Gloves) 210lbs (With Gloves) --- **Viktor**{{champion:112}} 6'2 280lbs robot arm! robot parts! --- **Vladimir**{{champion:8}} 6'3 185lbs ANIME VAMPIRE DIMENSIONS --- **Volibear**{{champion:106}} 9'5 1450 lbs Polar bears are hugemungeous --- **Warwick**{{champion:19}} 6'2 245lbs WOLF PACK --- **Wukong**{{champion:62}} 6'2 190lbs Monkey paw, monkey paw, monkey paw --- **Xerath**{{champion:101}} 7'0 scales all melt when Xerath stands on them --- **Xin Zhao**{{champion:5}} 5'8 170lbs above avg fit chinese male --- **Yasuo**{{champion:157}} 5'8 160lbs above avg japanese male --- **Yorick**{{champion:83}} 6'1 if upright, 5'6 hunched, 230 lbs --- **Zac**{{champion:154}} 5'2 120 lbs at smallest, 7'6 450 lbs at largest --- **Zed**{{champion:238}} 5'9 160lbs NINJAS --- **Ziggs**{{champion:115}} 3'8 45 lbs --- **Zilean**{{champion:26}} Zilean is 6'1 165 lbs, his Giant clock has him around 9'2 500lbs but he makes it float somehow --- **Zyra**{{champion:143}} 5'11 145 lbs not a vegetarian--- ---
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