This Sona Taric Bs needs to die.

I've legit not been this mad since they reworked Veigar and removed deathfire. Lane phase is hard enough because Sona for some fucking reason can out damage a mage early game. And they just cover eachother's weaknesses too much. To be perfectly fair Heals form any source need to be treated like summoner heal, where incoming heals are reduced. Watching this fucking lane heal back every ounce of damage you do in less than 2 seconds is so demoralizing that it makes you want to just afk. Yes I've tried kill lanes against it, no rushing morello is not an option because it's so fucking expensive for a support to buy, Yes as an adc I've tried rushing executioner and no it did not work. Either nerf the interaction or at least nerf Sona's early game damage in some way so the lane becomes tolerable. The issue is the heal stacking and the shield stacking. Yes I'm fucking mad, I've tried everything I can against this and even if you make it out of lane phase ahead come late game you're still not going to win. These 2 champions interactions create almost unwinnable interactions unless they somehow fuck up this mindless combo. /goddamnrant
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