Why Evelynn feels less assassin-ish to people.

It is because of the order in which they rank their skills. It is because they prioritize Allure over Whiplash. Assassins are about dealing upfront damage. If Hate Spike is Evelynn's poke, then Whiplash is her All-in. Allure is her placate. You want to dish out the most damage possible as quickly as possible, and Ranking Hate Spike and Whiplash achieve this. Ranking Allure first isn't the assassin's path, it is the path of the Mage in her. We must understand, procs to Charm only reduce their Resistance by a % of their total magic resistance. If your goal is to blow up squishies who don't generally stack tons of MR, you essentially are dealing damage as though you had Void Staff{{item:3135}} instead of Eyes of Pain{{item:3151}} which loses efficiency against Low MR targets. You get more damage out of ranking Whiplash than you do ranking Allure beyond Rank 1. All you need is enough time to deal the damage necessary to defeat the enemy, which is less than 1 Second if you rank Whiplash to 5 first, turning her into a true assassin. Bring on the downvotes. I'm ready for 'em.
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