Pretty sure Zyra needs an actual nerf, the one she got was so irrelevant she actually wins MORE now

I don't think I really need to explain it do I? Two nerfs to mage supports went out last patch, the Brand one was targeted at his damage output and seems to drop him to acceptable levels, the Zyra one targeted her mana regen and didn't really do anything? I mean I didn't really get what the thought process was behind it, since Zyra went from having the highest base mana regen in the game to... still having the highest mana regen in the game...? Not like her kit's particularly draining considering her Q's mana cost is static, and her W costs nothing so there's only two basics skills you really drain mana with... But I digress, just nerf zyra please, it'd be nice to see less of her in botlane.
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