Why the community is so sceptical of everything riot does.

Their outright refusal to go back on something they have done. I have just been looking at the leona changes discussion with meddler and everyone is shaming the idea of "if it isn't broke don't fix it", now i actually understand why that philosophy isn't a good one, the reason i don't want riot to fix something that isn't broken however is because i know that if they actually do break leona then they won't go back on their decisions, i would happily bet good money, that the leona changes going through will not be reverted, even if they do become problematic. Also i would have so much more respect for them as a company if they could revert decisions based on their mistakes, and i also wouldn't mind any changes they make because i know they will either be positive or they will be gone soon. An obvious example is reworked mordekaiser: when they said they were reworking him people were nervous because they knew that if his new direction wasn't positive then he would be shafted and be a shadow of what he used to be (which wasn't actually broken). It has been a clear example of riot being absolutely unable to reverse changes they made completely, and has actually made them, as a company, appear childish and ignorant. (EDIT: given the amount of attention that this post has recieved i decided to make a video in which i communicate all of my points, i'm no big time youtuber, i just wanted to make clear what exactly i'm trying to say with this post and back it up a little: https://youtu.be/zEOHHWoZrkE)
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