The problem with the Cloud Dragon Soul and the Kneejerk change to Nimbus Cloak

Ah Preseason, it's the time of great change, the opportunity for Riot to shake things up and keep League of Legend's experience as fresh and innovative as they can while still preserving the core gameplay loop. Season 10, Rise of the Elements, does promise to spice things up with exciting new features for the map itself, linking it to the core objective that are League's various elemental dragons! And while I'm a big fan of all the proposed changes, one little thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth: #The Cloud Dragon Soul __________________________________________ Why you may ask? Well, I haven't been all that interested in that little topic until I saw what might have happened as a kneejerk reaction to Riot changing the buff from a base CD reduction to MS upon R cast, which was **Nimbus Cloak**'s old functionality. This goes beyond just personal bias though as I honestly believe that this change is going to negatively impact a lot of champions, cause some other issues and doesn't actually tackle the problem of the *Cloud Dragon Soul*. So what appears to be problematic about this? Well, let's start with what probably incited this change: **Cloud Dragon Soul**: Originally pitched as a buff that reduces base CD's with each instance of damage, akin to Shojins, Riot realized that it was just causing more degenerative problems and changed it to *granting movement speed after an ultimate ability is cast.* Well, first of all, it was a great call to actually change the Shojin effect since that one would have been extremely oppressive to deal with while granting invisible power. But simply using Nimbus cloak's effect causes several other issues. 1. First of all, it locks the effect behind getting 3+ of the same elemental damage, making the effect inaccessible in most matches. This locks champions out from this cool rune effect that some have grown to love. 2. Secondly, the MS on ULTIMATE cast is not as broadly applicable and satisfying as the other Dragon souls. A lot of champions don't really care about this kind of effect and some wouldn't even get a lot of benefits out of it compared to the impressive shield of the Mountain dragon soul or the healing from Ocean. 3. As previously touched upon, this buff does not seem to be in line with the other Dragon Soul's effects since it's less visceral in both satisfaction and flat out **ooomph**. 4. It just seems like a last second change that wasn't really thought through as much as the other effects. 5. It doesn't really *feel* Cloud Dragon-esque. I expected something more interesting that helps with overall mobility and rotations. Maybe something like an energized effect that once hit grants movement speed, making it able to be procced multiple times in combat and actually making you feel like you became the embodiment of the cloud dragon's stormy nature. **Nimbus Cloak**: The change to Nimbus cloak, having it only proc on Summoner spells seems like such a kneejerk change to simply not have it overlap with the Dragon Soul and it's really showing in some aspects. This change negatively impacts a lot of champions who enjoyed that additional MS on their R cast as an **easily accessible** boon that enables their combat patterns. I personally know a lot of medium ranged champions who really benefit from the MS on their R, such as Swain, Vlad and I personally adore this rune on Mordekaiser since he, like the rest of these champions, enjoys getting some much needed movement to aid his weaknesses. 1. This change just removes a readily accessible MS boost from the game when it wasn't a game health problem, really messing with some champion's maneuverability in combat. 2. The rune proccing on Summoner spells will DEFINITELY cause some degenerative combat patterns since some champions will definitely run you down with ignite very early on, or what's more likely: Smite will enable this rune so easily, making ganks even harder to escape from as Junglers will have a 150 MS boost so readily accessible to them. 3. It locks away a cool effect from most champions if they do not like taking combat summoners for their lanes. TP users will be most affected by this. 4. It just feels bad knowing that this change was probably initiated by simply locking this cool effect behind the dragon soul, even more so knowing that this was only done to replace the Shojin effect. _____________________________________ What I'm trying to get at here is that the Cloud Dragon Soul needs some more change to actually be made really satisfying for most champions, with the change to Nimbus Cloak just being an awful side effect that removes yet another cool Sorcery rune just for the sake of some last second change. Thanks for reading, I'd love to discuss this a bit more, I might be wrong on some points but I really feel this change has more cons than pros in the big picture.

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