please do something about stonewall heimerdinger top lane

heimerdinger top hard stonewalls his enemy oponent into being able to do nothing, and there is literally almost no counterplay to heimerdinger top right now. Even gp q with sheen cannot 1 shot his turrets if heimer is a lvl ahead, and that is like a hard hard hard counter to heimer. Yasuo isn't viable in top lane, so he can't be considered a counter to heimerdinger top. Almost all top champs just get outclassed by the enormous damage buff that heimer received on worlds patch. Mundo doesn't do well enough early game to stop heimer from stonewalling him into his team playing poorly and a forced ff 15 vote. From what i am seeing, heimer wins almost every single match up and is absolute bull shit to play against. The feeling of being stonewalled because you cannot engage against his turrets and watch your team feed and slowly lose a game that you have absolutely no control over is beyond miserable. and if you still think that renekton is a hard counter to heimer because he can press R and all in heimer, just remember he gets 1 ban, and that is where he usually bans renekton. maybe i should stop raging and force myself to play this bull shit champion. Maybe that is how u get elo as a top laner, no honor, just abuse this fucking piece of shit champion.
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