5.17 patch notes and still no fix for catastrophic 5.16 patch

Patch 5.17 Notes
Greetings, summoners. Welcome to Patch 5.17, the oneafter the Juggernaut one. We considered titling it something else, but with the incredible impact of the last update we thought it made sense to bring it up again. While definitely strong (hey Skarner), the landscape of 5.16 is far less apocalyptic than its contents may have predicted.
"While definitely strong (hey Skarner), the landscape of 5.16 is far less apocalyptic than its contents may have predicted." LOL "apocalyptic" is the right word for patch 5.16, one of the worst patches in the history of the game. So let me get this straight. 1. No {{champion:72}} nerfs, he&#039;s 100% broken and they don&#039;t have a clue on how to fix him??? 2. No {{champion:82}} nerfs. 3. {{champion:122}} BUFFS?? WHY?? Nobody likes it when he&#039;s strong and at this point the changes beg the question of why does he even have mana to begin with? Just remove his mana costs completely. His ult and crippling strike now reset/refund and his Q is only 40 mana. Wtf is this. 4. "{{champion:86}} isn&#039;t slow enough so we&#039;re making his movement speed 340, which is higher than similar bulky champions like {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} etc" Great, that&#039;ll fix him. 5. No {{champion:114}} nerfs? 6. EVEN MORE tank nerfs on {{champion:79}} {{champion:57}} after the 5.16 gutting. {{champion:57}} already has one of the lowest win rates in the game and {{champion:79}} has almost disappeared from solo queue. Just because they still appeared in NA LCS (which plays on patch 5.15) doesn&#039;t mean they&#039;re still strong. GTFO. 7. Even MORE {{champion:268}} nerfs. I&#039;m not denying that he&#039;s strong, but {{champion:112}} was already the strongest mid laner in the game and after these {{champion:268}} nerfs when we get to World&#039;s it&#039;ll basically become {{champion:112}} "pick, ban, or lose." I&#039;m sure there will be some more {{champion:268}} nerfs in 5.18 to compensate. Derp. 8. Those {{champion:429}} baby nerfs are definitely addressing the issue that&#039;s making her strong, huh Rito 9. LOL {{champion:98}} NERFS?? REALLY?? A Champion with <50% win rate in solo queue who isn&#039;t even considered the THIRD BEST top laner by Pro-play standards (recall they are on patch 5.15 still)?? Same fucking bullshit as point (6) but jesus christ I just had to mention {{champion:98}} specifically. He&#039;s one of the easiest champions to lane as or against and probably the least toxic/cancerous champion in the game. Nope, better nerf. 10. The {{champion:56}} changes were the funniest for the following reason: "Reverting our restriction on how far he can rocket forth and murder-torpedo your backline should give teams at all levels of play more reason to embrace the darkness. Shout-outs to those who say we never revert anything. This one&rsquo;s for y&rsquo;all." Rito admitting their backpedaling and how they have no idea how to balance their own game. They did the same thing with {{item:3153}} where they nerfed it and then re-verted the nerfs, buffed it, and simultaneously gutted armor itemization. ------------------------------------------------------------- Also for those of you who doubted that 5.16 would kill tanks: http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Top http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Jungle Within each role (50 Top laners and 44 Junglers) how are the win-rates for tank champions looking? Oh look! They are overwhelmingly in the bottom half of both roles, with few minor exceptions ({{champion:54}} {{champion:32}}). So basically they are back to how shitty they were before ANY season 5 changes, but arguably worse since tanks that were relevant at the end of Season 4 ({{champion:14}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:12}}) were nerfed to shit. Recall that ({{champion:54}} {{champion:32}}) have always traditionally had high win rates due to their wombo potential, but their pick rates don&#039;t really show in any case. Looks like things are happening EXACTLY as I predicted it. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/n1KJiBUl-516-looks-like-literally-one-the-dumbest-patches-in-the-history-of-the-game-item-change-analysis?show=flat http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/o9z6EaKQ-rip-tanks-55-516?show=flat What a fucking surprise! Have yet to see one of my original predictions: tanks will barely be played at Worlds. Mark my words. There will be juggernauts, we&#039;ll probably see a {{champion:150}} since he&#039;s like a hybrid bruiser/marksman/assassin/juggernaut/ebola virus/tank I guess. {{champion:12}}&#039;s ultimate means that no matter how bad tank itemization is he&#039;ll still remain relevant (like he did in S4 Worlds). What about {{champion:36}} who is always picked at Worlds? Gone. {{champion:98}}? Fucked. {{champion:57}}? Lmao why play {{champion:57}} when you can play a {{champion:150}} or even {{champion:111}}?

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