New HUD negatively impacts Kha'Zix players

So I took a bit of a break and never really got to test out the new HUD. I'm back playing again, and I'm greeted by this confusing new HUD. I got used to it, but there's one thing that isn't growing on me- Kha'Zix's new evolution point icon. In short, there isn't one. Evolution no longer has a unique icon before you put a point in. It shares the same icon as the regular skill leveling system. Now, look, I know that there are people out there who will say that no one with more than two brain cells could screw their evolutions up, but when every second counts and chaos is around the corner perpetually, it doesn't help that some Kha'Zix players have to stop and say, "Damn, did I already put a point in R? Is this my evolution or a skill point? I don't remember putting a point in R yet... Oh, shit, I'm red now." There's really just no reason for it. Riot clearly thought that it was confusing enough to warrant a specific icon on the old HUD, so why is it different now? I'm assuming this was just overlooked, but it needs to be changed. EDIT** Just wanted to throw a quote in here from Riot Ponts so that everyone has something to work with while they wait for now. It's definitely a big help- > [{quoted}](name=Ponts,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bdoVhjzf,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2015-08-14T21:17:09.057+0000) > > Also, it's not as clear as icons will be, but another way to tell if you are looking at an evolution point or a levelup point is by the text above the buttons. If it's a normal levelup point it'll say "Level Up" and if it's an evolution point it'll say "Evolve" and be in yellow text instead of the normal greyish text. > > Hope that helps. :)
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