The sylas e change is a massive nerf

There are a few changes to sylas proposed, now for the most part they are "okay" though I honestly don't really like any of them But the e change is an insane nerf and should NOT go live His passive change so it stacks up to 2 hits is nice....but all it does is lower the difference between a good sylas and a bad one The q is losing some damage in favour of the w getting some healing This is a net loss for sylas as he maxes q first meaning he is losing more flat damage then he is gaining, and be is losi g the ap ratio on the q which he isn't gaining anywhere else AND the q has a lower cd then the w meaning in terms of "effective" numbers the q nerf is WAY bigger then the w buff As for the e change......oh it's bad The shield is getting slightly bigger, but it applies when he hits E2 instead of on e1 Meaning not only is it becoming massively conditional, on an ability sylas basically already had to land to be able to fight (so if he ever misses his e h is completely done) but it's also applying at a WAY worse time combat speaking The first e is used to dodge damage and close gaps, a shield applying here is useful as it will absorb damage The 2nd e CCs the your losing shield effectiveness purely because they can't actually hit you while its up AND if the sylad closes on you with his e your first priority should be to get away...not fight back. Meaning the shield applies at a time when he will be taking less damage ANYWAY If these changes to live sylas (who is actually a sub 50% champion) will get MUCH weaker then he is now The changes make no sense at all
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