Make support a more desirable role. Increase the power of assists.

There are many ways to do this. They seem to all be based on assists. Here are some of my ideas. Feel free to chime in. 1. Start tracking and announcing assist sprees. Supports, from the opinion of the majority of LoL players, aren't supposed to have any kills. This could really help because it gives supports recognition for not dying, and helping get kills. (EDIT: The main counter-logic used against this idea has been that it would be spammy and annoying to hear after every fight. I never said how many assists in a row you'd need to get an assist spree. I'm not in love with any set number, but if I had to name a number off the top of my head, it'd be around seven assists in a row without dying. That's roughly two team fights worth. If a support can help win about two team fights without dying, that's commendable.) 2. Start adding Assists where wards were placed, which granted vision of an enemy and led to a kill. Supports are often though of being "warding mules". They often are the only one on the team giving vision on the team through wards. 3. Increase the amount of gold that is given per assist. This would increase the amount of gold income the supports would have, making it easier to get items to help the team. (EDIT: I understand why doing this would be a bad idea. These were just thoughts off the top of my head to kick this discussion off. Riot wants to eliminate snowballing, and these would be counterproductive to that cause.) 4. Make it so item auras give assists. For example, say a support has a frozen heart. The said support deals no damage in the fight, but slows every enemy's attack speed during the fight with the aura. That support should have received an assist with every enemy that was slain because he directly effected the enemy's fighting potential. (EDIT: Of course, global or passive auras should not be included in this mix.) EDIT: I'm amending the main post so people reading this get the point of this thread. Supports have very few choices of what to do outside of laning phase and even during laning phase their choices are very few. They can't farm, or take kills. They're expected to set their adc up to farm, get kills, and stay alive. During grouping phase every support on low income is expected to ward, keep the carries alive (even all teammates if possible), and set their team up for success by acing the enemy. It's very easy to say that supports have the most demanding job while having the least amount of gold to do it. This isn't just an advocacy campaign for more gold income for supports. Sure, it'd be nice, but it may just introduce unwanted mid-laners down there for the gold. The real goal here is making supporting seem more appealing, whether that be through announcements of assist sprees or by some other means. *What can we do to get more players interested in learning this role? Is there a way that we can encourage positive development for players trying to learn this role?*
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