Assassin Junglers?

Ever since the new season started, Assassin junglers have been a bit on the weak side. Tank junglers are great with Cinderhulk, and Bruiser junglers (Rek'sai, Lee Sin) can be just as strong. But Assassin junglers have fallen by the wayside. The harder hitting camps means squishy Assassins don't have as much sustain. They just farm till 6 so they can gank with their ults. What can we do to bring them back into viability? Well, I don't think we need another Cinderhulk situation. Any Warrior buffs that help Assassins will just help Bruisers even more. And since there's only three real Assassin junglers anyway (Rengar, Kha'Zix, and Nocturne - Yi is more of a carry fighter like Fiora and Riven), it's only the champions that need buffing. My suggestions: Increase Nocturne's base mana and mana regen, and maybe make his abilities cost less mana. Give him bonus Life Steal on Feared targets, for both more jungle sustain and more fight sustain. Maybe change his passive to be % based healing rather than flat. Give Rengar and Kha'Zix new secondary effects to their passives. Kha'Zix - Consume and Adapt - Slaying a large jungle monster heals Kha'Zix for a percentage of his missing health, and gives him the monster's Smite bonus, even if he didn't smite it. (This doesn't help any of Kha'Zix's other issues, but I'm just trying to help the Assassins with jungle clear and sustain, so they aren't at low hp the whole time). Rengar - Scent of Prey - While in a bush, Rengar has heat vision of all jungle monsters within leap range. If he leaps at a jungle monster, the monster is feared for 2 seconds and Rengar gains Ambush, increasing his damage dealt and reducing damage taken from monsters by 20%. Any other ideas? Anyone feel the Assassin junglers are kinda weak in terms of clear ad sustain?
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