@Riot: Explain to us why full tank Darius with Carry damage is OK.

Please explain to your confused fanbase why it is ok to have a lane bully with a free lane win, CC, a heal, no mana costs, and perhaps the most overpowered ult in the game, to also have carry damage and 5k hp "But he has low mobility" Um no he has 450 move speed full build + stormraiders put him over 600 "He doesn't have that much damage" He does around 1000 TRUE damage to all 5 enemies. He also has a bleed, and a harass/heal with no mana cost "He can be shut down early" Darius loses lane to almost nobody, and even if he does, I've seen countless darius players go from 0/5 to 6/5 after two teamfights, and then resume carrying. "Don't feed him in lane then" Darius is impervious to turrets after about 8 minutes in unless he is hardcountered in lane or your jungler lives their. "Focus him in teamfights if he is carrying" If you focus the tank, that leaves at least 2 carries to damage you down while you deal with a 5k HP darius that is 1v5ing your team. Look at the top laners lower on the popularity chart (aatrox, teemo, garen, Cho, basically the 75% of champs that aren't used in the flavor of the month that hasn't changed in about 2 years. Then tell me it is OK for darius to be so much more powerful than all of them. His champ design is the definition of cancer and just because it's "fun" for a darius player to get a free pentakill by pressing R, that doesn't mean its for the other 5 people against him to have to spend the entire game trying to shut down A TANK.
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