I'm actually really bloody happy that Riot didn't put Morde back into top lane

I wouldn't touch that lane with a ten foot pole. You get NO benefits by being up there You get NO Jungle help since there's no value in getting a top laner ahead and the objectives on that side of the map aren't that important You're supposed to play a "Tank" or your team will inevitably flame you for picking a fighter There's like 5 ranged champions constantly sitting in the top 10 top win rates, making the lane living hell for any melee champion You don't get ANY help from your team if you're getting shitstomped or are getting camped So why would I ever want MY champion to be balanced/designed around such an awful position? I can just freely run Mordekaiser Mid, get ALL the XP, ALL the Gold as well as great presence due to being the central part of the map while also being up against mages that don't really bother to interact with me. Or I can just play him Bot lane, get all the attention and get spoonfed kills and just singlehandedly decide the game's outcome. Seriously, if this continues on I'd rather see Morde be an actual Mid/Bot lane pick rather than get shoehorned into Top lane //Rant that's not actually a rant but rather an observation//
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