The one indesputable, inescapable flaw with the League of Legends Ranked system

I'm talking, of course, about the blind leading the blind. Bronze players play with Bronze players, neither knowing how to play properly. Silvers are matched with Silvers, Golds with Golds, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've wished that I could play against Diamond or Challenger players over and over again until I learn to stop making the mistakes I'm making. As it stands, the only ways to gain enough skill to successfully climb the ranked ladder from the bottom is through serious introspection/analysis of personal games, and outside influence like Youtube videos, which require time away from the game for research. I've put some thought into ways to fix this dilemma, and I haven't come up with a satisfactory solution. Getting destroyed by a Challenger player for 20 minute minimum if you're not very skilled is fun for neither the player getting destroyed (unless they're dedicated to learning and know ahead of time that they're matched against people far better than them), nor the -player dominating, as the weaker player(s) don't pose a challenge. Even if LP loss is considerably lessened, or entirely eliminated depending on the size of the skill gap, that doesn't excuse the experience itself. Having a separate gamemode that has matchmaking that specifically enforces low level players against high level players would most likely be incredibly sparsely populated with players, and thus a failure. Not to mention the matchmaking would be spotty at best, with an unknown variance between player skill on both teams (Bronze through Gold on one side, versus Platinum through Challenger on the other? That's a massive skill gap even between teammates). Regardless of what a solution could be (and I would be happy to read suggestions other people have), I would very much like to hear what Riot has to say about this problem. Their thoughts, potential solutions, roadblocks, etc. Thank you for your time, Pope Charles IV P.S. Riot please fix the lag with charged Q abilities. I haven't played Varus or Xerath in over half of a year. {{item:3070}}
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