Riot Ranked has lost all meaning, please fix for season 7

Riot season 6 was a failure in terms of ranked integrity. The pride and glory of doing ranked was destroyed. You destroyed the dignity it had. You know what you did. Please do not repeat this same mistake during season 7. Why do I care that I am in gold, when half the people around me are boosted? Why should I care that i'm in gold when I still get placed with plats or silvers? Why should I care, when the moment i hit plat, the only reward I get is a green snot colored border, and I will now be forced to ranked consistently unless I want to face decay. Why should I care when all I need to do to get the maximum reward is achieve gold, when in the modern day means, NOTHING for everyone just gets their plat friends to boost them. When topic in recruitment literally say "looking for smurfs to boost me" Find a solution, and restore the honor that was LOL ranked.
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