This champ is becoming overwhelming again and her ult doesnt exactly feel healthy, espcially if they take a full dmg team, but personally, the ones hit most by this is melees trying to fight her, as she can simply time her low CD jump to jump away from them and that tiny little heal she will cut through like butter, imo the heal on her ult should be doubled (if not tripled) for melee champs, as i feel a single champ shouldnt completely shut down the entire ad assassin class (before i hear oh tanks do that, yes they stop assassins, but a skilled assassin player can work around them, you cant work around kindred because she just drops ult the second you get onto the backline making you pretty much useless) Another option is giving her an ult with more counter play, (IE not a death immunity ult on a fucking adc) Or deleting this champ entirely is another option (doubt riot will do so though) But you get it, this is a beyond frustating champ to deal with, {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} are far less annoying and {{champion:26}} {{champion:432}} allows you to still take the target out of the fight, {{champion:34}} gives you time to kill her still Before these shitposts tell me to "Bait it out" you cant, what happens is once you try, she simply turns on you with her 60% slow and ruins your day
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