PSA: When Giving a leash please pay attention.

I legit just had a game where I was 100% worthless because of a teammate not paying attention when giving a leash... I was Lee sin, running scaling armor seals because I intended to have a bot lane leash this game. And yeah I got a leash, but Thresh was too busy watching our top laner and he ended up actually stealing gromp in a panic when i pinged him off. Couldn't do my full first clear, invade, early gank or anything because I was screwed by that start. I had to recall still level 2...and then the enemy pantheon jungle is ganking all the lanes "dude why are you so bad at lee sin" Seriously? Then as the game goes on, I am finally at a point where I can feel relevant, and the draven wants to fight a 2v4 and dies..."dude do I have to engage, we could have killed them easy" I have 3 items at 30 minutes...{{item:3812}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3156}} no I am not engaging on an Illaoi Ekko Pantheon and Lux. Thankfully our singed applied so much map pressure that we basically won while feeding kills (remember objectives > KDA) But just as a courtesy, please pay attention when leashing and for heavens sake no leash is better than blatantly taking the camp. ESPECIALLY if you have an early game ganking jungler like Lee Sin who has a relatively crappy 1st clear speed as is. --- EDIT: Okay Everyone seems to be hyper focused on the fact I ran scaling armor runes on Lee Sin. NO THIS WAS NOT THE POINT OF THIS THREAD. Yes I know that they are slightly less efficient early But I was already aware of this and actively made that choice because in any normal scenario it isnt an issue. I did not choose to be screwed out of the experience of my first camp, that was the larger problem. I did not get to put a point in my W to sustain back up on wolves. I got put behind. If I was jungling someone like Evelynn, this wouldnt even be the thing people look at. The point is that people need to pay attention as to not put their jungler at any easily avoidable disadvantage at the start...not to grill me on my choice to play lee sin or that you are clearly better than me because you can jungle him with no runes (so can I...if my camps don't get stolen). Jesus you all nitpick the stupidest crap in a post and ignore what the post is trying to address.
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