Jungling isn't that bad. Literally just do Krugs.

So much of the jungle exp is in Krugs now. Hell, do your enemy's Krugs too. They probably ignored them. Focus on them and you won't find yourself behind in gold/levels. _____________ I used to do Krugs even on Skarner before his passive reached them lvl 2. I never found myself far behind in gold/level, even when I was set back. #**Literally just consistently clear Krugs. Stop ignoring them.** _**~~They give more exp lvl 1 than the other camps do at lvl 17+.~~**_ _______________ Camp------------------------Total Gold------------------------Total Experience -------------------------------------------------------------------------------with jungle item-----------------------spawns:Respawns: Crimson Raptors---Gold 112 ---------------------------170 − 230---------------------------------1:30------2:30 Murk wolves-----------Gold 100---------------------------165 − 222.5------------------------------1:30------2:30 _**~~Krugs------------------------Gold 160---------------------------267 − 420.5------------------------------1:42------2:30~~**_ Gromp----------------------Gold 86------------------------------165 − 222.5------------------------------1:42------2:30 Blue Sentinel----------Gold 100---------------------------165 − 230----------------------------------1:30------5:00 Red Brambleback--Gold 100---------------------------165 − 230----------------------------------1:30------5:00 Rift Scuttler-------------Gold 70 − 140------------------165 − 280---------------------------------3:15------2:30 #######format is jank on mobile unless viewed horizontally

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