Hey Meddler, Lulu and Karma called. They want their lane back.

There are civil posts and there are venting posts - this is the second kind. 8.12 was over a month ago and {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}} are still reeling from the 8.12 shield nerfs. Lulu's numbers were balanced around her having a 6 second spammable shield. When the duration was cut (TO 2.5s) but the numbers stayed the same, the result was a move that feels a lot more unrewarding than it should. Lulu is basically a Q-maxing midlaner now, which is ironic given that the Q nerfs she received several seasons ago were specifically designed to kick her out of mid and top by hurting her waveclear. Karma's situation is even worse. Seriously, Aatrox can't spend 4 days being subpar, but Karma can spend 6+ weeks at a 45% winrate with zero acknowledgment of her shortcomings or intentions for a rework/buff? Lol. Seems like Meddler, Ghostcrawler and co. just threw the 8.12 shield nerfs in on a whim and then moved on to other things. https://champion.gg/champion/Lulu/Support https://champion.gg/champion/karma/Support
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