Bring back Sword of the Occult and Levaithan and Champion ability and Mechanic updates

Dear Riot Games you kept Mejai's soul stealer but the counter parts need love too. Risk reward items are fun and i don't think it would be to op either.Here is a video that explains this better That thumbnail tho XD. You can remove other items like Wits end, Zz'rots portal, Ardent Censer, Banner of Command, Zeke's harbinger, and Ohmwrecker (but make a monument of it in the rift plz). Plus on the other topic some Champions can have better abilities like Zilean's E can also give attack speed to a ally and reduces enemy attack speed, Sivir's ult gives her and her allys attack speed, make Trundles E knock up an enemy if he hits it right under them, make Cho'Gath's E only hit on his next 4 basic attacks, make Karma have more AP scaling, make Galio's passive gain 50% of of his AP as magic resistance, give Aatrox a rework(like he really needs one), have Ashe's E when it reveals a enemy has them marked on the map for three seconds, give Twisted fate more health (he is very squishy), lower Miss fortunes AD scaling(because we have enough lane bully's), lower Graves's Q damage, give Draven more gold from his passive (why because he's Draven). I was up all night making this discussion so i hope at least one of you from Riot games comment on this or agree let me know what you think. Sincerely A League of Legends Player.

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