Yasuo killed my dog and CertainlyT made me watch!

This is a reason to hate something, not "I can't AA or shoot projectiles for 3 seconds". You all hate Yasuo because he was the beginning of the end, the quintessential "Next Gen" champion. He marks a huge turning point in this game, the designers capabilities are finally catching up to their imaginations. As long as the "less complex" champions outnumber the Yasuos, Ekkos and Azirs of the world people will never stop complaining because lets be honest, it's not really fair. These champions have more in their kits and get much more attention from the balance team. However, this is just a long transitional period, for League to continue it must evolve and this is the path Riot is choosing. If you look at his work without the bias of the game, CertainlyT is an amazing designer, all of his champs FEEL good to play. They flow and are far less clunky than most of the others, they all have very solid themes and art styles which is wonderful. The problem is that all 5 of them {{champion:122}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:412}} either are or have been despised by a good chunk of the player base. Despite the hate they receive, they are all fun as hell to play as and they all have relatively high skill ceilings and all see pro play. HE MAKES REALLY GOOD CHAMPIONS, SORRY. (SHOWER ME IN DOWNVOTES) The frustration comes from the older champions just being outclassed by the new ones, not from the newer champions themselves. Riot has bitten off far more than they can chew with all these goddamn champions. I fear this game will be completely gone within two years unless they can speed up the older champion updates while putting them on equal footing with the newer champions. They may as well have two different games at this point, at the very least add a game mode where you can only pick champions released in the first two years. TL:DR Yasuo isn't the problem, the state of the game itself is the problem.
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