I lost almost all interest for League of Legends

oh wow my laner outplayed me oh okay i learn from my mistake oh wow hecarim ganked me oh wow i'm 0/2 oh okay i'll fix my mista- No you don't. You will stay 20 minutes in that game watching the enemy you fed carry their team while you're uselessly behind. And you will smile about it and say gg at the end. I've recently switched to HotS and I'd greatly recommend it to everyone. It doesn't include any carry/snowball mechanism as there is no gold nor item. Global levels also means you won't be the only one behind. Heroes are also fairly balanced. I want to win knowing I did good teamwork and played well. Not because I got 3 kills early then snowballed into some cancerous ass solo carry Yasuo and that my enemies were just too weak and didn't have the gold to fight back.
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