I had a chanse to play a lot of games with a NEW PLAYER

And I am here to tell you what I have noticed that can be improved for new players. I have this account made just for the purpose not to bring my MMR to a game with a new friend a year ago, but I didn't get to use it much until recently. A coworker started playing (he plays Jhin in my history) and I was with him in at least half of his games. First of all I need to make myself very clear: I DON'T tell him on what to spend his IP, I don't tell him what is the meta and which champions are most impact-full currently. The only thing I told him about runes "They dont start to pay of until u get at least 20 slots ". I help him with build path some times and that is it. I feel that he is having enough fun and does not need my guidance for having fun. Basically runes are no concern for him, he doesn't care, masteries are used but with no on the spot reference. He is having great time without worrying for those two. Now the issues: **Available Champions**: This was the thing he most inquired about. He liked Jhin from the first game he played at lvl 3 and wanted to get him ASAP, but it was not able to do so until lvl 12. I told him about the 3 free champions... He wanted Jhin. Just beafore he bought him he started to liked Vayne too and then she went of rotation. It would have been pretty neat if they get discounts for every different champion they play on their first 2 champion purchases. They play 2 games with a new champion: they get 1% off of the IP or RP for the next champion they buy. If they get to roll with all from the free rotation twice they get bonus 5% off. It goes on until they get 50% off. **Jungle**: They cant even try to jungle without full page masteries. And they are also lacking runes. It is rare when there is a champion on rotation that can do well in a lvl 10 beginners hands. A new single player tutorials with quests would be nice to have. Champion Spotlights can be a little fast for them and those are not focused on a role. They could also have 2 pre-filled pages with 10 runes (One full AD and one full AP). They dont understand or play with runes anyways in the early levels, so having the option to choose in the game lobby between two basic sets, without actually researching or worry about runes will do a lot for them and their role experiments. When they reach lvl 10 the runes can even "evaporate" if riot thinks it is to much. Similar thing can be done with masteries; one page for every type and those get filled automatically when a point is acquired up until lvl 10. That can be a nice guidance. When they edit a page It stops auto arranging. Another suggestion I have is achievements, Ill just number couple achievement titles and their rewards and I think it should be clear: * 100+ CS before /ff time! - Summoner Icon! * Trinket cooled down for 45 minutes in 3 games in row! Temp pink ward skin(can be used for 10 matches)! * Less then 3 deaths in a match longer then 19:59 (works only once)! - Pick a champion icon as a summoner Icon!
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