Can We Have a Serious Discussion About ARAM "Random"ness???

So tired of getting matchups like this in ARAM (my team was the Nami). It seems like more and more games in ARAM as of late have been completely one-sided. In the example given above, we would try to initiate on the enemy team (once we hit 6) and they just kited backwards every time. They had us constantly pushed to turret (via Heimer, AP Janna, and Caitlyn Q), they constantly poked at us (like playing a bullet hell game, if I wanted that I'd play Touhou). There's also the fact that, in blind pick, you can have the same champion on both teams (the dreaded mirror matchup). Since ARAM is Blind Pick, if it were truly random, there would be mirror matchups from time to time. Not only have I never seen an ARAM mirror matchup, but neither have ANY of the people I have spoken with about the matter. Add in the number of times that I've rerolled a champion, only to see it on the other team when the game starts up, and I get the feeling that a pool of ~20 or so champions are picked prior to the champ select starting, the dishing out the champions from there. With the number of OBSCENELY one sided games I've seen, I'd also say it "randomly" places the champions on their teams based on synergy (at least to some extent). Everything I've seen thus far completely dissuades me from trying to play another ARAM, because it honestly makes me feel like Riot has determined which team should win, and then 5 people are lucky before the game even starts. This doesn't make for even a remotely fun game in, what should be, a "specifically for fun" game mode. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Also: Leona
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