I know I am the best

This season I have 45W 26L (63% win rate). I would say at least 10 of my losses are from AFK's/DCs and some of my wins are 4 v 5's. Yet here I am stuck in Silver as usual. What gives? I check the challenger boards and it is extremely rare to see a winrate such as myself, I see like 2 with 66% and 5 or so with 63%. They don't have afk's ingame as much as well at higher levels. Now granted a lower level game is easier to win for sure and it is a different ballgame but at the same time there are Challengers with 52%-54% winrates. Basically League now has a literal huge wall in between the silver/plat elos where it is impossible to become a "pro" esk player in a math sense unless you dodge matches. Now I get it hey, there is a low population of actually this small percentage of elite players. And mathematically Riot is telling me I am not in it. But then why is my win rate so high consistently? Especially since I have never dodged 1 match intentionally. I also had a bugsplat in my losses too... I honestly think there might be a conspiracy to promote certain high level players in solo que. It doesn't make sense to me how I can play a wide variety of champs extremely well and understand almost every champ but I still cannot succeed elowise even with a good reaction time and understanding of the game and a pretty insane winrate. Even when I am matched with plats occasionally I often defeat them. Now granted plats are pretty noob but what really separates a plat from someone like Doublelift? I honestly think if I could clone myself 5 times I could be LCS champ, most of the LCS play nowadays is just people abusing OP champs and stats and never "taking a chance" with a none meta champ unless they are trying to wombo combo on a team they are supposed to lose to.
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