Need help understanding Champion Mastery for Support class

I am a lulu support main trying to get from Lvl 6 mastery to lvl 7 mastery. In order to do that you need to get a score of S to get a token of that particular champion. I am finding it really hard to get S as I am getting S- as my highest most of the time. But, I did get S twice when I went from Lvl 5 mastery to lvl 6 mastery. Both those cases was really a miracle, because I have gotten more than 45 assist and one death. I had one adc who I supported who got pentakill twice on the same game. After getting S- so many time I am starting to wonder do support classes need to get extreme score (like my two s games before) in order to get S score. If that is the case then the champion mastery system is just broken. Pretty much it is based on luck if you have a great ADC or not. It also depends on time because I can get a score of 1/1/28 and still get S- because the other team surrender making me unable to get enough assist to qualify as an S. In other words it doesnt show how well you mastered the champion (when it comes to support). A lot of ppl on forum said it isnt dependent on just KDA but I think that is just not true, because I feel like kills has the most amount of impact on champion mastery score. I had a top lane Irelia in one game who scored 16/5/6 in the game and got an S and I had 0/1/29 and got an S-. Literally 14 of the kills irelia did I assisted with my buffs. Then the Irelia told me that is because you have gotten no kills. I was like staring at the screen thinking WTF I AM THE SUPPORT (We are not suppose to get kill). I hear other tell me as a support your not allowed to die once or you lose your S score, which I find stupid because that is really hard to do as a support (sacrificing yourself for the adc aka tank). I also participate in turret destroying, dragon killing. baron killing but I cant participate in all of them because some turrets are just far away for me to help. People also says minion kills also affect champion mastery so I was wondering does it take in consideration supports classes dont get a lot of minion slain (especially ones that dont have rellic shield). Also does it take in consideration that lulu is played in different lane so in lulu solo lane she can get kills and minion kills. So I was just wondering if someone can give me a really good answer on how to get S on support classes because I already have 100 867 total champion mastery point on lulu and I still haven't gotten lvl 7. I have seen other people get lvl 7 on champion with 60k to 80k mastery point. This is just so frustrating.
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