Game is bad, admit your mistakes, fix them.

Worst state I've ever seen this game in, like actually how did this patch make it to live servers? Is the pbe just for Youtube clickbait? Literally unplayable. Fix your shit or start refunds for RP purchases, I and thousands of other players didn't spend $1k+ for you to turn our love into this abomination. Every new/updated rune needs damage nerfs, did you not learn from Electrocute? Or old Thunderlords? Or Aery? STOP GIVING PEOPLE DAMAGE FOR FREE And these turret "buffs"? You literally added a shield that doesn't do anything but give more gold. The turret damage is nice but it doesn't make up for the lazy excuse of "armor" you gave them, the shield should have to go first and then reveal the turret health. ADC needs yet another rework, {{item:3087}} and {{item:3094}} need to be dot instead of one shot burst passives. Why even keep {{item:3031}} at this point? Remove and replace with a new similar stats item but without just a damage boost passive. Maybe something with the old giant slayer item? Remove {{item:3036}} replace with {{item:3033}} and buff the %pen. {{item:3147}} melee only. Jungle is mostly fine, will go back to normal with rune changes. Maybe buff dragon, dragon itself not the buffs. Mid and top will fall in line with rune changes. Make players only get bounties after 5 kills Champs need to be balanced around having counterplay, not having a 50% winrate. Better game 100%, who would have thought it was so easy? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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